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    Your first wedding dance
    The wedding dance is not only the movements of two people, but also a lot of different details that should not be forgotten.
    The size of the dance floor. Before you come up with a wedding dance, go to the banquet hall and estimate how much space you will have for a swing. If there is not enough space, you need to try to pick up figures without moving quickly around the hall. The Viennese waltz, for example, involves moving in a circle. If there is not enough space, you may offend one of the guests.
    Audience. Think about where the guests, videographer and photographer will be during the dance. If the guests are on the same side, your dance will be facing them, but it happens that the guests are sitting in a circle, then you need to make sure that you will not always be with your back to someone, you need to turn around alternately.
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    The duration of the dance. It is desirable that the dance lasts no more than 3 minutes. So it will be easier for the young, not to invent too many movements, and the guests will not get tired. If the song you have chosen is too long, shorten it at the selected moment or simply asked the DJ to turn it off for 3 minutes.
    Physiology of the couple. Not all couples have the perfect combination of height and physique. If you have features, they need to be taken into account. For example, for a couple where the bride is much lower than the groom, you can use figures where the groom bends down or slightly squats, and the bride remains standing. Supports can also be used, which couples should not do, where the bride is slightly larger than the groom.
    Wedding dress. Not every style of dress will be convenient for the chosen dance. At rehearsals, try to wear clothes as similar as possible to your wedding outfits. Then you will be forgiven for thinking through the movements.
    Start doing dance production no later than 2 months in advance for the wedding. Rehearsals should be regular and last at least an hour. Then your dance will be well thought out, and you will be sure that you will not forget anything.

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