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Blue background white writing on the left side stating "Member Forum". On the right are 3 cartoon characters with thinking bubbles with dots inside.
OneAbility Member Forum

For this member forum we will have two mini presentations from  Volunteer Victoria to share information on the Volunteer Victoria shared service, and the Victoria Tool Library. Feel free to invite a member of your team to join the call! 

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Promotional poster for 'New! Adaptive Climbing Programs for Youth & Adults' at CARSA Climbing Centre at UVIC. Features a photo of a bearded man assisting a woman in climbing gear seated on a 'ROGUE' wooden box near a climbing wall with colorful holds. Below, text highlights the program details for both youth and adults, emphasizing safety, support, and training. The CARSA Climbing Centre and Vikes logos are displayed prominently, along with a QR code for more information and registration. The slogan 'This is Your Place.' is positioned at the bottom.
Adaptive Climbing Programs for Youth and Adults
Curling action at an indoor ice rink. A group of players, some wearing red and white jackets, are focused on guiding a yellow curling stone across the ice. One man in the foreground is crouched low, intensely watching the stone's path, while two others sweep with brooms to influence the stone's trajectory. In the background, there's a scoreboard and other participants observing the game. Advertisements for 'Westland Insurance' can be seen on the rink wall.
Special Olympics BC

Special Olympics BC – Victoria is always welcoming athletes and volunteers to get involved in our joyful community! With a very large athlete and volunteer base, combined with the size of the community and surrounding areas, this Local always has something going on! There are many opportunities to meet all kinds of individual interests as the current programs in operation are 10-pin bowling, Active Start (ages two to six), basketball, bocce, Club Fit, curling, figure skating, floor hockey, FUNdamentals (ages seven to 11), golf, rhythmic gymnastics, soccer, softball, speed skating, swimming, and track and field.

If you are interested in joining as an athlete or volunteer, please reach out to the contacts below:

Coldest Night of the Year Walk

On February 24th, join I.A.C.D.I and Marni, who is captaining team Barrier Busters at the 2024 Coldest Night of the The Year Walk in the West Shore.
It is free to register and there is no limit to how many can be on a team.
The more the merrier..
For more information about the walk, please see the link below.

Field Hockey For All

The UVic Field Hockey Play for All initiative is a free indoor sports program for intellectual disability participants to promote social connection, personal development, and physical & mental health. During the ten-week program guided by certified coaches, participants will discover how to play field hockey by exploring the ‘CAPS’ experiential learning method (cognitive, affective, psychomotor & social skills). This Field Hockey Play for All program is offered with a high coach-to-participant ratio, so participants feel supported, have appropriate instructional guidance and feedback, and have ample time to practice and learn new skills in a safe, fun, and welcoming environment.

To find out more about the program and how to get involved, please email  Dr. Veronica Planella at planella@uvic.ca


  • Sundays 1:30 – 2:30 pm
  • UVic McKinnon Gym
  • From January 14 to March 10, 2023
  • Boys & Girls: 5-8 years old
  • Boys & Girls: 9-12 years old

Register Here

Promotional flyer for 'Teen Community Connections (TCC)'. At the top, a joyful teen sits on a park bench, with the 'Community Living Victoria' logo and the tagline 'Celebrating 67 Years' beside him. Below, bold text announces that TCC is accepting registrations for summer and after-school programming. Activities are listed, such as exploring parks, beach time, and arts. Contact information is provided. Further down, bullet points detail eligibility and program specifics: targeted towards youth with intellectual disabilities and autism, 3:1 staff ratio, affiliation with Queen Alexandra Centre for Children's Health, and partnership with the Supported Child Development Program. At the bottom, an image captures a group of teens paddling in a canoe on a serene lake.
Promotional flyer for 'REACH! Performing Company' welcoming new participants in September 2023. At the top, a group of diverse individuals stands on stage, singing passionately. The tagline reads 'Celebrating diversity and inclusion through the performing arts'. On the right, a solo picture showcases a performer singing with emotion. Below, details are outlined: - WHAT: The flyer invites people to experience the joy of being part of this inclusive performing group in Victoria, B.C., welcoming adults and youth (15+) of all abilities to develop their talents and perform inspiring musical shows. - WHERE & WHEN: Rehearsals are on Wednesdays from 6:30-8:00 p.m., starting September 20th, 2023 in the Cedar Room at Saanich Commonwealth Place in Victoria’s Royal Oak district. Convenient parking and transit options are mentioned. - OPEN HOUSE & REGISTRATION: An invitation to attend open house sessions or join the program. Contact details for RSVP and registration are provided: phone number (250-882-4339) and email (westcoastreach@gmail.com). - MEMBERSHIP AND COMMITMENT: Highlights that there are no auditions and membership fees are kept reasonable due to grants and donations. Emphasis on the organization's commitment to inclusivity is noted, stating that no one is excluded due to financial constraints. Regular participation in rehearsals and performances is crucial. - WHO WE ARE: Brief about the REACH! Performing Company as a part of West Coast Reach Association, a celebrated non-profit. It mentions their award-winning instructors, Anne-Marie Briacombe (Director) and Laura Lee (Choreographer). Contact details at the bottom include the West Coast Reach Association logo, email, phone numbers, and a website link (www.westcoastreach.org/). The Norgaard Foundation logo is also displayed.
A promotional flyer featuring a young boy named Neema, who is seated in a wheelchair. The headline reads 'MEET NEEMA!' Above the headline is the logo for 'Youth Assistive Technology'. Below Neema's picture is a description that states: 'The Youth Assistive Technology (YAT) promotes independence through assistive technology and home automation. Services include assessments, equipment, and installation funded by generous foundations and donors.' The eligibility criteria is highlighted as 'BC Youth with limited mobility, ages 12-18'. For further information, the flyer provides the website 'technologyforliving.org' and an email 'yat@technologyforliving.org'. It also invites readers to 'Watch Neema’s story on our YouTube channel' and presents a QR code for easy access to the video. At the bottom of the flyer, the logo for 'Technology for Living' is displayed.
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