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Facilitating athletic and recreational opportunities for people across the age and disability spectrum

Intakes for the Program Delivery Fund Are Open! 

The allocation of a small amount of funds are available to assist OneAbility Network Collaborator members to support the promotion and facilitation of physical activity for individuals with a disability in the Capital Region. This may include, but are not limited: sport and recreation program costs, including facility fees, equipment, or staff; training opportunities for staff; COVID related programs and services; community event hosting, etc.

Organizations may request up to $500 to support their initiative.  

This will be the 3rd intake of 2022, Intake #3 is for programs running between January and April 2023.

Application Opens: October 15th, 2022
Application Deadline: November 15th, 2022
Applications Reviewed: November 15th – November 30th, 2022
Notifications of Successful Applicants by November 30th, 2022
Project Delivery between January and April 2023.
Small Projects Reports due by June 1st, 2023*

Click Here for more information and to apply for the OneAbility Program Delivery Fund: 2022 Program Delivery Grants

Vancouver Island Society for Adaptive SnowSports

December Community Spotlight: Vancouver Island Society for Adaptive SnowSports

OneAbility had the opportunity to sit down with Vancouver Island Society for Adaptive Snowsports (VISAS) and discuss the legacy, and community building. surrounds the Adaptive Snow Sports program on Mt. Washington. We decided to feature VISAS around the time of the first snow “dump” so you can check them out on your way up the hill! 

Can you explain how VISAS came to be?

VISAS was started in the 70’s by a gentleman named Herb Wright. First starting on Forbidden plateau, he gathered a few kids to teach with disabilities and at the same time was coaching individuals to provide the appropriate service to individuals with a disability. 

One coach went to Mt. Washington and encouraged Herb to shift his programming over to Mt. Washington, where even more individuals could access it. By this time, so many instructors had received the opportunity to work with Herb, who was incredibly involved in the community throughout his entire time at VISAS. 

What role does community play in your programming?

There is a lot of preparation to get on the snow. Our board works really hard to get instructors trained and certified at a high level, signed up, and have everyone registered appropriately. We also spend a lot of time linking and liaising with new students, Canadian Adaptive Snowsports, and BC Adaptive snow sports. 

What are the pieces that make it successful?

Passion and joy of being on the snow. Winter is a hard time for people living in the Comox valley and for people who don’t have access to sun. You go up Mt. Washington, clear the clouds and see the sun, which makes people want to come back! 

Further, it’s exciting to teach people with disabilities who would otherwise not have the opportunity, and watch the moment when someone sits on an adaptive ski and has their mind opened up to what is possible. Our instructors and volunteers have an infectious joy of skiing and a desire to put smiles on peoples faces. We emphasize play and a shared desire to just get on the mountain.

What are the current challenges:

Transportation to and from the mountain is a huge barrier – ensuring people can get there is the biggest challenge of all.

The next challenge for us is doing the proper assessment of what an individual needs, and link that to what is available to us, namely regarding equipment and coach capacity. 

Can you explain the challenges, and recommendations to individuals looking to achieve something similar?

Programming like thi needs to come from a feeling of community, creativity and a desire to put smiles on faces.

Creative revenue options, grants and fundraising make our programming successful. 

Lastly, having well trained instructors who understand how to be patient and recognize when all people (including instructors) need a break or a reset. We recognize that being an advanced skier is not what someone makes a good coach. Being able to make a connection is essential. 

We are grateful of the fact that we are 100% volunteer run by amazing volunteers -everyone that is at VISAS is contributing their time because they are passionate.

VISAS can be found at the site here: 


Register for ParaPlay

Thank you to Canadian Tire Jumpstart Foundation for supporting our second season of ParaPlay! Links to register are below.

ParaPLAY is a free program for youth aged 15-25 to try out a number of different para sports including wheelchair basketball, wheelchair rugby, athletics, climbing, boccia and wheelchair tennis! The program will run from September through December 2022.

Register for ParaPlay at PISE for youth ages 9-15:

Register for ParaPlay at CARSA for youth ages 16-25:


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