Complaint Resolution Procedure

Affiliation with OneAbility Foundation brings many privileges and benefits. At the same time, Individuals are expected to meet certain obligations including complying with OneAbility Foundation policies and this Code of Conduct. Behaviour that violates this code can result in severe damage to the integrity of OneAbility, harm to our community, and harm to individuals within our community. 

Individuals must be aware that they are expected to model behaviour appropriate for the Individual’s role as a member or associate of OneAbility Foundation. This OneAbility Code of Conduct outlines the conduct expected of Individuals and review process that Individuals are subject to if there is a complaint about an Individual’s conduct. 

OneAbility has adopted the BC Universal Code of Conduct for the purposes of this code. 

Please find the full Complaint Resolution Procedue below.

Code of Conduct & Conflict of Interest

OneAbility is requiring Board of Directors, Voting Members and Member liaisons to sign a Code of Conduct. Board and Voting members are also required to sign a conflict of interest form. 

Please find the form below.

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