Volunteer Opportunities

OneAbility is involved in a variety of community initiatives and supports members with their event and programming delivery. If you would like to be involved as a volunteer, please fill out the form below.

Curling action at an indoor ice rink. A group of players, some wearing red and white jackets, are focused on guiding a yellow curling stone across the ice. One man in the foreground is crouched low, intensely watching the stone's path, while two others sweep with brooms to influence the stone's trajectory. In the background, there's a scoreboard and other participants observing the game. Advertisements for 'Westland Insurance' can be seen on the rink wall.

Special Olympics BC

Special Olympics BC – Victoria is always welcoming athletes and volunteers to get involved in our joyful community! With a very large athlete and volunteer base, combined with the size of the community and surrounding areas, this Local always has something going on! There are many opportunities to meet all kinds of individual interests as the current programs in operation are 10-pin bowling, Active Start (ages two to six), basketball, bocce, Club Fit, curling, figure skating, floor hockey, FUNdamentals (ages seven to 11), golf, rhythmic gymnastics, soccer, softball, speed skating, swimming, and track and field.

If you are interested in joining as a volunteer, please reach out to the contact below:
[email protected]

A logo for the 'CNIB Foundation'. The main feature is a bold, black brushstroke oval shape. Within the oval is the acronym 'CNIB' in large white letters. Directly below the oval, in smaller black lettering, is the word 'FOUNDATION'.

Seeking Vision Mate Volunteers in the Greater Victoria Region

Make a difference in the lives of blind or partially sighted people in your community!
The Vision Mate program matches people who are blind or partially sighted with sighted volunteers who provide companionship and one-on-one assistance with everyday tasks and errands. Activities you and your match do together are based on your needs and interests! Vision Mate volunteers can assist individuals with various activities, including errands, going for walks, labelling and organizing household items, reading, or fun outings and recreational activities.
Matches are made with someone who lives close to your home, school or work. Visits are typically one or two hours a week in the person’s home or another suitable place at a mutually convenient time.
Over time, the Vision Mate relationship often transitions to friendship. That’s why age, gender, interests, and travel distance play a role in making the match. We aim to match people for a minimum of six months, though there is no maximum time for a match to continue – ideally, it will continue for years to come.
We are looking for volunteers with the following skills and attributes:
•      Trustworthy, patient, empathetic and friendly
•      Reliable, organized, and able to work with minimal supervision.
•      Excellent communication skills
CNIB provides orientation about CNIB, the people we help, vision loss, and volunteering at CNIB, as well as training specific to the position. We ask for a minimum six-month commitment to the program. A background check including a Clear Police Record Check and a Vulnerable Sector Check is required. Must be 18 or older.
For more information about the program or about volunteering with CNIB, please contact Ben Finkelberg – Program Lead, Vision Mate and Volunteer Operations, at 250-410-2517 or by email at [email protected].

A logo for 'Pacific Sport Vancouver Island WheelKids'. On the left side of the logo, there is a silhouette of a person in a wheelchair raising one hand upwards, symbolizing motion and activity. To the right, the words 'PACIFIC SPORT' are written in bold black letters, above a stylized graphic of a red swirl resembling a flame or wave. Below this graphic are the words 'VANCOUVER ISLAND' in smaller black letters and 'WHEELKIDS' in larger black font at the bottom.

PSVI Junior Wheelchair Sports Program Coordinator

PacificSport Vancouver Island is a not-for-profit regional sport hub created to lead athlete, coach, and community sport services on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast. Our organization provides dedicated support to more than 100 registered athletes and coaches, in addition to hosting community sport programs and events for people of all ages. Through partnerships with recreation departments, school districts, health authorities, and local sport organizations, PacificSport Vancouver Island delivers programming that supports the Sport for Life framework to improve the quality of sport and physical activity in Canada. PacificSport Vancouver Island is funded by investments from the Province of BC, viaSport, and the City of Nanaimo and is a member of The Regional Sport Alliance — a network of four PacificSport centres and four regional multi-sport leaders across the province.

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