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    Email spams and computer viruses are now part of our everyday life. You can find them everywhere, from your regular mail to your cell phone text messages. Unfortunately, the more advanced the technology gets, the more malicious software what is malware how does it work being created. Malware can be also defined as a program or code written to cause harm to a computer system, especially by means of a network.
    The first malware appeared on home computers back in 1985 with the AIDS Trojan, which was designed to steal passwords from infected machines and send them to the creator through dial-up modems. In 1988, a German programmer named Rudolf Roch began spreading the first computer virus called “Brain”. In 1989, students from Cornell University managed to create an Internet worm capable of spreading itself through millions of computers around the world. This worm had a payload that would display a message on all infected computers reading: “I’m Sorry”.
    In 2004, a new type of malware called phishing turned up on the Internet. Phishing is a technique used by cyber criminals designed to deceive users into disclosing their personal data such as credit card numbers or bank account information by imitating reputable companies via email or chat-based phishing websites. In 2005, another type of malware named botnets started infecting PCs across the

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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