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    Sport is an interesting thing to watch live because it incorporates the uncertainty of real life into a controlled environment. It’s one of the few things that give us an idea what it is like to be alive.

    To watch sport online, you first have to find some sport to watch. There are various ways to do this. One is to subscribe to a channel that specializes in showing sport. Another is to subscribe to a generalist channel that does not specialize in sport but which has sports channels as well as other channels, and then read the sports section for information about what’s on when and decide whether you want to watch it. The third method is just googling for something like “nfl free live stream” and finding a site that offers such streams, usually without advertising (which would be against the law).

    The second method has two big advantages over the first: (1) You get more choice; (2) You don’t have to pay anything extra. In some cases you can use both methods: If there is a particular team or league you want to follow, you might subscribe just for its games. But if you use the second method for following your favorite teams, you can still use the first method for vipbox watching less important games that don’t get shown

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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