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    Plasmolifting PRP Tubes
    PRP therapy of diseases of the musculoskeletal system is based on the local administration of plasma enriched with platelets. Such plasma is obtained using special equipment (centrifuges); the patient’s own blood is used as the starting material.
    Our website offers, among other things, the so-called PRP Tubes https://plasmolifting.shop/en/14-plasmolifting-prp-tubes for the production of platelet-rich plasma (PRP).
    What is PRP therapy?
    PRP is an abbreviation of Platelet Rich Plasma, which translates as “platelet-rich plasma”. Platelets are a type of blood cells. Their most well-known function is to ensure blood clotting. However, platelets not only create blood clots (blood clots) that block the blood flow from the wound, but also participate in the healing process of damaged tissues.
    Platelets produce substances called “growth factors”. These substances stimulate tissue regeneration. When a person is injured, platelets are pulled together to the damaged area, and the body turns on the damage repair mechanism.
    Regeneration processes can also be stimulated in a special way – by introducing plasma enriched with platelets. Doctors call the drug obtained from the patient’s blood platelet autoplasm, emphasizing that it is the patient’s own blood that is used, which excludes any compatibility problems.

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