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    Yes my puppy is ok

    <i><u>Is it okay to have a puppy to vacsination?</u></i>
    The puppy should be 6 weeks old.

    <b>Can give your newborn puppy milk?</b>
    Yes, it is okay to feed pasteurized milk to your puppy.

    <b>What does it mean if your puppy licks you when you lie down?</b>
    If your puppy licks you it means to the puppy i will keep yourself or are you okay ? The animals who have owners and are close are very loving

    <b>Is cleo a guy or dude name?</b>
    it was actually a puppy name first. (\_/) (=’.’=) (“) (“) okay that’s a rabbit- but pretend its a puppy

    <u><b>Is it okay to bathe a puppy every day?</b></u>
    No! That could cause it’s skin to be flakey. Once every couple weeks is good for a puppy. Every week is okay for a 6 month (and older) dog.

    <b>How does a canine puppy look like?</b>
    okay first I’m am going to tell you something your sentence does not make any sense because you said “how does a canine puppy look like” this is the correct way to say it WHAT DOES A CANINE PUPPY LOOK LIKE!!!!!!!!okay second primeraly there is not canine puppy. they are all canines ALL THE DOGS IN THE WORLD ARE CANINES. okay any more questions ill be sure to help because i am a dog expert…

    <i><u>Is it okay for your puppy to get hiccups?</u></i>
    my puppy always gets hicups and the vet didnt say anything bad about it so it should be ok

    <b>Is can food okay for puppies?</b>
    Dry puppy food has more calories in it, so I prefer to feed a good name brand of dry puppy food. You can also mix the canned puppy food in with the dry puppy food.

    <b>Which is more cuter puppy or kitty?</b>
    kitty is more cuter no a puppy no a kitty there both just so cute! okay final answer kitty!

    <u>Is Benadryl safe for a puppy?</u>
    That depends entirely on how much benadryl your puppy ingested and how large your puppy is. An appropriate does of benadryl should not be harmful to your puppy, and is often prescribed by veternarians to ease allergies in dogs. To know for sure whether or not your puppy will be okay, contact your vet as soon as possible.

    <u>Is it okay to give a puppy Ibuprofen?</u>
    I WOULDN’T try it, take the dog to the vet if it has a problem.

    <u>How do you train a detrained and stubborn poodle puppy?</u>
    okay first of all poodles are not stubborn poodles are one of the best dogs you can ever okay so i would shut up if i were u okay

    <i><u>Is it okay to let a puppy nip you?</u></i>
    No its not they will get older an dstronger and take advantage of u so nope its never okay but if they just nip then that’s fine 2

    <i><u>Is it OK to hit a puppy?</u></i>
    No. I do not want to hit my puppy. I am trying to convince the others in his life that it’s not okay to hit him. I was actually searching for research. Did not intend to post this as a question.

    <i><u>What age is okay to give water to your puppy?</u></i>
    resulta que tiene que ser dos anos.

    <u>Is it okay to give your puppy crunchy peanutbutter?</u>
    Your not supposed to give any animals food that people eat.

    <b>Is it okay for your 15 week old puppy to still have puppy milk?</b>
    As long as it is puppy milk, formulated or from the mother, it is fine for the puppy or dog to drink it through their life. However milk from other animals, such as cows, is a big no. All breeds of dogs are lactose intolerant unless the milk is specifically for dogs.

    <u><b>Is it okay for a 12 week old puppy to climb stairs?</b></u>
    yes but you should watch it. if it fall it could die

    <b>Can puppies eat crackers?</b>
    This depends on how old the puppy is, if it is old enough to eat solid food-it is okay for it to eat crackers. If the puppy is too young to eat solid food- it should not eat crackers.

    <b><u>Why is your week old puppy sneezing a lot?</u></b>
    Your puppy could be allergic to something. Ask your vet they would know. However it’s okay it’s nothing too bad that I am aware of anyway. We had the same problem and so did our friends and they said that our puppy could be allergic to something.

    <b>Do a dog breeder needs to give their puppies shot before giving them away?</b>
    All puppies are required, 고양이 발정기 by law, to have vaccinations at a certain age. The puppy is also required to have a Puppy Checkup before it is okay to sell or give the puppy away. This ensures that the dog is healthy and does not have a neglected disease.

    <b>Why is your puppy starting to bite?</b>
    Puppies mouth for two reasons: to explore the world around them, and because they are teething. Give your puppy some toys to chew on, and make sure you let him know that it is not okay to bite human skin.

    <i><u>Is it okay if your puppy eats leaves?</u></i>
    Yes but not to many,they are usually just playing,mostly in the fall,I have one that also eats leaves.

    Your German Shepherd is 4 mths old she went of her puppy food so you put her adult for now she is eating much better?
    It’s totally okay. If she is showing better results to eating adult compared to puppy then there will be no problems.

    <u>Is it okay to showerewborn puppy?</u>
    no,it would be a bad idea to shower a new born puppy because you would be taking the risk of drownding it or rather killing it,i would wait till it had gotten older to uphold strong water forces.

    Can you put a shock collar on a 6 month English springer puppy?
    no its not okay yet, you should wait till its about 10 to 12 months.

    <b><u>What if a puppy has one eye that is all white?</u></b>
    It might be okay or it could be blind or have a cataract. Take it to a vet and see what they say. I hpe its alright.

    <b>Is flora a dog’s name?</b>
    Well yes really any name is okay 4 a dog or puppy and i think flora is a brilliant name

    <u><b>Is it safe to give a 5 week old puppy water?</b></u>
    you have to give puppies water they need water to drink so yes it is okay !

    <b>How old should a puppy be when you buy him?</b>
    Depending on the breed, puppies are generally weened at 5-8 weeks old. You should get a puppy that is 8-12 weeks old or older. In some cases 7 weeks is okay but that’s cutting it close.

    <u><i>Is my 8 pound puppy okay after she ate a medium size square of fudge?</i></u>
    Yes the dog will be alright the worst that can happen is it could get a little sick.

    <b>Is blood in pee pee of yorkie terriers puppy okay?</b>
    Any blood in the urine of a dog indicates a health problem. You need to consult your veterinarian.

    <b>You bought a shihtzu puppy with blue eyes is that ok?</b>
    It is very uncommon for a shihtzu to have blue eyes, but it happens. Another shihtzu realated to your puppy must of have blue eyes, not nesasarly the parents. It could be from an aunt, uncle or a grandparent. So I think it probably okay.

    <b>Why is it not ok to put puppies nose in pee when they go on the floor?</b>
    It isn’t okay because the puppy did nothing wrong! They have really small bladders, so they need to be walked ALL THE TIME!!!!!!! You need to clean up after the puppy and walk it every 20 minutes or so, because that way the puppy will learn that it needs to go outside when it wants to go to the bathroom.

    How do you stop your puppy from doing things behind your back that she knows she is not supposed to do?
    First things first: Your puppy does not know she is not supposed to do something. A puppy is like a toddler; if you don’t tell a toddler that she can’t reach under the sink where the chemicals are kept, she is going to think she is allowed under the sink. If you don’t train your puppy to use the bathroom outside or to not chew up the furniture, she is going to think it is…

    Yorkie puppy makes noise while sleeping?
    Its okay if they do that, they make noises in their sleep like we do. My familes Yorkshire Terrier even snores slightly when he’s asleep!

    <u><i>Can you have a boyfriend at 11 years old?</i></u>
    Well sure, if your parents are okay with it. But, I wouldn’t expect a serious relationship at 11. At that age, usually it’s more like puppy love.

    <b>How can you calm your dog after removing dead puppy?</b>
    * force them to lay down *put them to sleep * give them a nice rub *pet their head * tell them “its okay” *do the thing that makes them comfy

    Is it okay to drive with a 3 month old puppy for 1 hour and a half?
    Yes just dont get it too hot or too cold and feed it and let it go potty.

    <b>Why is my puppy’s paws turning blue?</b>
    PLEASE take your puppy to the vet right away. It sounds serious. Anyone can tell you anything here. It sounds too important to trust wikianswers. I hope and 중형 강아지종류 pray that everything turns out okay for your puppy. CALL THE VET and tell the vet your problem Now!.

    <b>What are Neptune’s land features?</b>
    Okay,heres the deal I can’t find this anywhere so someone please find this answer more then one please makes puppy dog face LOL!

    <b>Is it okay to raise a husky in an apartment?</b>
    I wouldn’t recommend it, in fact it would be somewhat cruel, but if you’re home a LOT and walk it a LOT then it would be okay. Or you could be like me, and have a puppy, and move into a house soon. When they’re still small they’re fine, but when they get big a yard would be the best thing to do.

    <u><i>What are the steps to taking care of a pet?</i></u>
    It really depends on what kind of pet you are talking about. If you have any specific pet care questions you can post on my wiki wall. Okay so my friend said I am allowed to “baby-sit” her puppy when she goes on vacation. I want to make sure I know how to take care of the puppy well.

    <u>Why does your dog keep biting his back?</u>
    If your dog or puppy is biting its back every hour its okay, but if its biting it constantly then it probably means he has fleas or some kind of bu.g, in that case bring him or her to the vet

    <u><i>Is spaghetti sauce bad for a puppy?</i></u>
    Dogs’ livers are not very good at processing some foods that don’t bother humans. Onions and garlic are on this list, so if the spaghetti sauce contains either of those (or any of several other ingredients) it could be bad. You might look at the list and say “okay, onions and garlic, I kind of get that,” but the list of Foods Dogs Shouldn’t Have can contain some truly unexpected things (grapes, for example), so…

    <b>What to do if your puppy eats drywall?</b>
    Plain drywall is nontoxic to dogs, and in very small amounts they are usually okay. It is made of similar materials to classroom chalk. However, it doesn’t take very much to cause an intestinal blockage. If the puppy becomes lethargic, quits eating or drinking normally, or seems to have a tender belly, go ahead and take in to the vet right away. The puppy could be in danger, and the vet will need to check…

    <b><u>Why does your puppy vomit every time he eats and then eats his vomit again?</u></b>
    If your puppy is vomiting every time he eats, he needs to be examined by a veterinarian. If your puppy is eating the very food he just threw up, it’s regurgitation, not vomiting (be sure you use the correct term when talking to your vet, it matters.) It may look gross, but since it’s only been chewed and not digested, it’s okay to let him re-eat the food.

    <u><b>How do you train your puppy to use the bathroom outside?</b></u>
    If you catch your puppy doing it’s buisness inside, quickly tell them off, firmly but not nastily, so that they understand. Then, take them out into the garden (possibly whilst their still weeing/pooing if you’re quick enough!) then reward them with a biscuit or praising words. If you can tell your puppy is about to poo or wee inside quickly put them into the garden and praise them when they are done. If you catch…

    I have a new puppy and he has had worms which we have been getting rid of but what worries me is that he also has small black bugs crawling out of his poop. can they hurt him and how do we rid him?
    okay i am no vet but you need to call one and make an appointment

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