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    “From the point of view of most people (and even some nutritionists), calculating the calorie intake using the Harris-Benedict formula is the main step for losing weight. The logic is clear – the formula takes into account gender, height, weight and age, which seems to be sufficient to determine the body’s needs for energy.

    However, not all so simple. When trying to figure out your calorie intake using an online calculator (or special application), it is important to maintain a holistic understanding of the topic – and not just rely on a random number calculated based on your body parameters.

    Harris-Benedict formula – what is it?

    The Harris-Benedict formula is the first attempt in human history to assess the metabolic rate of an organism, as well as the factors associated with it. First of all, we are talking read more about diets the effect of body volume and levels of daily activity on total oxygen consumption.

    The authors of the formula are the American chemist, physiologist and nutritionist Francis Gano Benedict, as well as the botanist James Arthur Harris. Their joint research paper, A Biometric Study of Basic Human Metabolism, was published by Carnegie University Press in 1919¹.

    However, Harris and Benedict emphasized that the formula is only suitable for normal people – assuming that body weight is in the middle range. In fact, the study was based on an analysis of the oxygen consumption of 250 adults and 100 children.”

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