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    Child pornography is unfortunately a large problem in our society. Children are exploited for the gain of websites and companies, and the people who pay for it are more often than not the viewers of child pornography. As of late, law enforcement has been using new and better technology in order to crack down on offenders.

    Thanks to tracking via the Internet and other tools, they can see who is viewing the material, and where they are so that they can prosecute them. If you find yourself in a position where you are being prosecuted for this crime, contact a Philadelphia child pornography lawyer immediately for help.

    The penalties for this crime are severe and unyielding. Once identified, the alleged child pornography viewer will be arrested and if proven guilty, will receive jail time. It is not an offense for which someone will receive probation. Instead, even if the now convicted child pornography viewer has no previous record, he or she may receive upwards to 57 months in prison, just for having evidence of pictures or images on their computer or in their house of a child pornographic nature.

    It is a hurtful and shameful crime that is not taken lightly. The law treats it severely because it is such a severe crime. Simply the possession of child pornography is highly prosecuted and it should be considered a highly offensive crime. If you need help because you are being prosecuted on charges for this crime when you are in fact innocent of the crime, be sure to contact a child pornography lawyer to help you in your case.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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