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A diploma sums up the student’s education. Here he will either show everything that his knowledge, imagination, ingenuity, skills and other skills were enough for, or he will remain an unremarkable person who will nevertheless receive a graduation project, but this will become just another test for him, which he will prefer not to recall. But paytowritepaper rely more on the first option, and our site was created just so that the very process of education becomes a student you are a joy, so that every year of student life will be remembered only by pleasant impressions, and so that throughout their lives students do not think about that education was a burden to them.

As we found out, having studied a lot of sources, and having conducted a lot of surveys, that over the course of many decades, graduates who are preparing to defend their diplomas make similar mistakes. That is why we decided to prepare this article in order to finally break this chain of failures and stunning failures. The main thing is that nothing unique can be found in these errors. All of them are banal and predictable, which on the one hand is sad. If we draw an analogy of these errors with the fact that a person constantly falls into the same hole if he does not notice it, then the reader will more or less understand what we mean. At the same time, the pattern of students falling into this pit is simply amazing. They spend a lot of time and energy. But in fact, the student himself decides whether to fall into this hole or not. Simply bypassing it is enough to avoid mistakes. We,

Pit one

After checking, the supervisor completely changes the structure of the work, which leads to a complete rewriting of chapters, paragraphs or content. Agree – not pleasant. This kind of failure happens to almost every student. Surely you are familiar with the situation when the scientific instructor gives you a list of references that at least somehow corresponds to your topic. You are expected to make a plan according to this list. What is the student doing? He takes a list, runs to the library or surfs the Internet in search of sources, then draws up a plan and starts writing the work, completely neglecting the fact that the plan must be submitted for approval to the supervisor. Can you imagine how much time and effort it takes?

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