Victoria Vital Signs 2017 – Belonging or Barriers?

Vital Signs is a community report card initiative through The Victoria Foundation. OneAbility members Jackie Gay, Paralympic Silver Medalist, and Sarah Black, owner of Athletic Therapy Plus and chair of Victoria Wheelchair Sports were featured on this years cover bringing awareness to inclusion in the community. How do you think we stack up? Read the report to find out!

viaSport’s Accessibility Sport Hub

ASH, viaSport’s Accessibility Sport Hub, provides a human-centered platform to help athletes, teachers, parents, coaches, sport leaders and administrators find and share sport disability and accessibility tools, resources and programs more quickly and easily. Check out the video below to learn more about how ASH can help you:

LAVA – Leisure Assistance Victoria App

The LAVA website was created through collaboration with the University of Victoria’s School of Public Health and Social Policy, Mitacs, and the Telus Community Board and OneAbility partner Recreation Integration Victoria. LAVA was conceived in order to increase availability of information pertaining to the access of recreation facilities in the Victoria area and decrease anxiety about entering a new unknown environment. The emphasis has been and will continue to be on providing information on accessibility features by including pictures, videos and descriptions about the facilities. This highlights one of our main messages “Know Before you Go!”. We want everyone to feel comfortable entering a Recreation Centre knowing that they will have the right equipment and space for them. Our goal is to increase physical activity in Victoria by decreasing individuals’ negative first experiences at recreation facilities. The LAVA website is available to use by anyone who has an interest in attending a local Recreation or Community Centre in the Capital Regional District.

Inclusion Infographics

OneAbility partnered with Recreation Integration Victoria is delighted to present the ‘Disability & Diversity: Education to Promote Active Living‘ project infographics. These posters are available to you to browse, download, read, distribute and display as many times as you wish. Enjoy! 

To save or copy the infographics, right click on one of them and click save or copy!

Click Here to download PDF: Road-Map-to-Inclusion

Click Here to download PDF: Why-Inclusion-Matters

Click Here to download PDF: Meeting-a-PWD

Click Here to download PDF: First-Involvment

Click Here to download PDF: Anatomy-of-Inclusion

Click Here to download PDF: Adapting-Activities

Click Here to download PDF: Words-with-Dignity

Click Here to download PDF: Actions-Speak-Louder

Click Here to download PDF: Invisible-Disabilities

Click Here to download PDF: Outcomes-of-Inclusive-Sport

This project was made possible due to the support of The Victoria Foundation

OneAbility Webinar

This webinar was delivered on June 6 2017 by Alyssa Hindle of CanAssist and Andrea Carey of Sport for Life Society. Attendees of this webinar learned how OneAbility came to be, its structure and governance, as well as how to create similar collaborative and innovative hubs within other regions. OneAbility is a collaborative of community partners that provides leadership to enhance the adapted sport and physical
activity landscape in Greater Victoria and beyond. Employing a collective impact style model, OneAbility strengthens and improves programs, builds capacity and raises awareness. OneAbility’s vision is to establish Greater Victoria as a leading vibrant Hub for adapted physical activity that optimizes full inclusion for individuals living with disabilities to engage in recreational, developmental and high performance sport.

Click HERE to download the OneAbility Webinar Slides.

Click HERE to view the OneAbility Webinar.


Inclusive Physical Literacy Webinar

This webinar was delivered on May 30 2017 by Andrea Carey, Sport for Life Society. This webinar introduced participants to the concept of Inclusive Physical Literacy and how it ties into the definition of Physical Literacy. It also explored the facets of offering inclusive programming, and how organizations need to intentionally plan for this to happen. The webinar also covered how the organizational structure is key for offering a supportive and welcoming environment for persons with a disability.

Click HERE to download the Inclusive Physical Literacy Webinar slides.

Click HERE to view the Inclusive Physical Literacy Webinar

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