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A Story-Based Practical Resource for Coaches and Coach Educators in Disability Sport

An interdisciplinary team of researchers (with expertise in quality participation and coaching in disability sport) have produced a creative nonfiction (i.e., an evidence-informed short story) titled ‘From One Coach to Another: A Story of Transformational Coaching in Disability Sport’. This learning tool was created for and can be used by disability sport coaches in entry level and developmental coaching domains. The tool is meant to demonstrate and provide information about coach behaviours that facilitate quality experiences for athletes with disabilities. 

Coaches play a key role in shaping the sport experiences of athletes with a disability, representing an important point of intervention for enhancing the quality of athletes’ experiences in disability sport. Evidence-informed learning tools for coaches of athletes with disabilities are necessary not only for coach education, but for the potential to impact athletes’ experiences and outcomes. 

View the short story and accompanying question guide at:

 Impact of the 2020 COVID-19 Pandemic on the Movement Behaviours of Children and Youth with Disabilities an dRecommendations for Building Back Better Healthy Movement Opportunities


The movement behaviours – physical activity, recreational screen time and sleep – of children and youth with disabilities (CYD) have been greatly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The decline in physical activity from pre-pandemic levels is further compounded by the unique barriers to physical activity that CYD experience. The following resources address how COVID-19 has impacted the movement behaviours of CYD, highlight the importance of families of CYD in encouraging healthy movement behaviours, and share considerations for organizations that facilitate sport and physical activity programming on how to better support CYD and their families:
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