The allocation of a small amount of funds are available to assist OneAbility Network Collaborator members to support the promotion and facilitation of physical activity for individuals with a disability in the Capital Region. This may include, but are not limited: sport and recreation program costs, including facility fees, equipment, or staff; training opportunities for staff; COVID related programs and services; community event hosting, etc.

Organizations may request up to $500 to support their initiative. 

Desired Outcomes

  • Increasing the number of opportunities available for persons with disabilities to be physically active (e.g., physical activity programs, classes, events, creation of physical activity infrastructure or environment).

  • Increasing accessibility of physical activity programs, facilities, initiatives (e.g., adaptive programs to support individuals with varied abilities, improving inclusion practices, reducing cost barriers to physical activity).

  • Improving physical or built environments to encourage more physical activity (e.g., infrastructure, active transportation routes).

  • Increasing participation in physical activity (i.e., more people doing more physical activity).

  • Building staff or community members & capacity to help others be physically active (e.g., staff or community training, supporting physical activity leadership, building skills or competencies to promote physical activity or physical literacy)

  • Developing and implementing policies to encourage physical activity. 

  • Increased partnerships or collaborative programming opportunities. 

Questions? – Contact Samantha

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