Wheelchair Basketball

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Wheelchair Basketball

Wheelchair basketball has many similarities to the able-bodied version, with the court size, hoop height, scoring and timing are all the same. Dribbling rules allow players to take one or two pushes before the ball needs to be dribbled or passed to another player and a travel violation is called if the player with the ball completes more than two pushes before the ball is dribbled. Each team has five players on the court like able-bodied basketball but the five players cannot exceed fourteen classification points. Each player is classified based on their level of impairment from a scale of 1.0-4.5 with 1.0 being the most limited. For more information about classification see https://www.paralympic.org/news/sport-week-classification-wheelchair-basketball

BC Wheelchair Basketball Society

Simon Cass
Tel: 604-333-3520
Email: info@bcwbs.ca

Chiliwack, Comox, Kamloops, Kelowna, Langley, New Westminster, Nanaimo (x2), Powell River, Prince George, Richmond, Surrey, Vancouver, Vernon, Victoria (x3)
#210, 3820 Cessna Drive
Richmond, BC  V7B0A2

Club, National, Provincial
Comox (x1), Nanaimo (x2), Victoria (x3)

Paralympic Sport

On Viasport
Yes (BC Deaf Sports, BC Wheelchair Sports, Special Olympics, BC Winter Games)

Yes (BC Wheelchair Basketball Society)

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