Research and Innovation

This section provides information on the OneAbility Research and Innovation constellation group

Constellation Groups

OneAbility is a collaborative of community partners that aims to provide leadership to enhance the adapted sport and physical activity landscape. Employing a collective impact model, OneAbility has the potential to strengthen and improve programs, build capacity and raise awareness. The collaborative provides new opportunities by developing innovative technologies that contribute to the body of research in adapted sport, enhance the performance in the field of play and deliver assistive technologies including adapted equipment to individual athletes. With the agreement to collaborate, OneAbility mitigates competition within the region, builds on our individual and collective strengths, and pursues options that complement and extend the assets of the “whole”. The collaborative is greater than the sum of its parts. OneAbility consists of six constellation groups, composed of members from multiple community partners. The constellation groups receive oversight support and direction from the stewardship group of key partners.

Research and Innovation Group

The OneAbility Research and Innovation constellation group is committed to advancing research in the adapted sport, recreation and health fields. The goals of this group include:

  1. Drive meaningful research initiatives through leveraging the information and learnings shared from the OneAbility community and constellations.
  2. Contribute and maintain an updated repository of existing international research.
  3. Contribute and maintain and updated database of current OneAbility-related projects.

Research and Innovation Chair: Alyssa Hindle (