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Victoria Foundation Funding

Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF)
Please fill out this form if your local community foundation has issued its full amount of grants through the ECSF and you would like to be notified if additional funds become available.

City of Victoria: Everyday Creativity Grant
Deadline: Tuesday, July 21 at 4PM
The new Everyday Creativity Grant program will encourage and enable the community to realize creative opportunities for all citizens to enjoy. Grants will range from $500 to $5000. 

Community Gaming Grant (Capital)
Deadline: Friday, August 14
The program has been adjusted to address some of the financial challenges that organizations are facing due to COVID-19. Apply here.

Community Gaming Grant (Regular)
Deadline: Friday, August 14
Not-for-profit organizations providing programs or services of direct benefit to the broader community.are eligible to apply here.

Other Funding Opportunites

BC Community, Culture and Recreation Infrastructure Grant
Open Intake until October 1, 2020
Eligible projects will support public infrastructure, defined as a tangible capital asset primarily for public use and benefit. Learn more here.


She Plays Female Retention Project Grant
Non-profit sport organizations are invited to apply for She Plays, a unique grant based project focused on female retention in sport. Successful applicants will be eligible for up to $7,000 to implement their designed delivery project. 

Organizations eligible to participate must be working with teams or club programming that already actively involve female and female-identified athletes between the ages of 11 and 14.

Learn more here or download the grant guidelines.

Bob Bearpark Coaching Bursary Awards

The Bob Bearpark Bursary Awards, founded by the Coaches Association of BC and funded by the Bearpark Foundation, supports high-performance coaches, female coaches, aboriginal coaches, coaches of athletes with a disability and coaches with a disability.

Learn more here or download the grant guidelines.