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    The industrial metal detector compares with traditional detectors: the special design of the working surface of the detection area, the large detection area, the fast scanning speed, and the high sensitivity. The housing is made of ABS engineering plastic, which is highly resistant to impact, finely crafted, light, and easy to carry. Next, let’s take a look at the advantages and principles of the metal detector. Here are some answers.
    What are the advantages of the metal detector?
    Firstly, the operating system is highly user-friendly and intelligent, with an underlying self-learning function. When the product to be tested passes through the Belt metal detector according to the set procedure, the machine can automatically and accurately set and store the product parameters without manual adjustment, making it easy to operate. Secondly, the detector is made of COSO’s unique material and manufacturing technology, which provides high sensitivity, strong anti-interference capability, stable performance, and a lifetime of over 10 years. Thirdly, the industrial metal detector has a memory function for 100 product parameters; that is to say, the metal detector can store 100 product parameters, and once the product parameters are set, there is no need to adjust them again. Fourthly, the metal detector automatically detects faults when it is switched on and has a prompt function, which effectively eliminates invalid tests. Fifthly, the whole machine is modularly designed and installed, easy to assemble and disassemble, easy to maintain, and has a low maintenance cost. Sixth, the machine can be customized according to the size, weight, and characteristics of the products to be tested, to achieve the best detection effect. Seventh, the automatic conveying system, rejection system, and control system can be customized according to the characteristics of the production line to improve production efficiency. Eighth, the conveyor industrial metal detector can be customized to the production line environment for waterproof, dustproof, and explosion-proof requirements to protect the safety of use. Ninth, the design of the pneumatic actuator can be connected to the production line to achieve automatic in-line metal detection and rejection of defective products.
    What is the principle of the metal detector?
    The Food metal detector, as the name suggests, is a device used to detect various metals and is used in many industries to effectively detect all types of metal objects. This magnetic field induces eddy currents within the metal object. The eddy currents create a magnetic field which affects the original magnetic field and causes the detector to beep. The current flowing through the transmitting coil creates an electromagnetic field, just as an electric motor also creates an electromagnetic field. The polarity of the magnetic field is perpendicular to the plane of the coil. As soon as the current changes direction, the polarity of the magnetic field changes accordingly. This means that if the coil is parallel to the ground, the direction of the magnetic field will alternate continuously, tilting downwards perpendicular to the ground and then shifting upwards perpendicular to the ground again. As the direction of the magnetic field changes repeatedly over the ground and interacts with any conductive target it encounters, this results in a weak magnetic field being generated by the target itself. The polarity of the target’s magnetic field is the exact opposite of the polarity of the transmitter coil. If the direction of the magnetic field generated by the transmitter coil is perpendicular to the ground, the target magnetic field is perpendicular to the ground. There are many types of metal detectors on the market today and the principle varies from one type of metal detector to the next, but they are all effective in identifying and detecting metals by their properties.

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