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    Paper bag-making machines, as the name implies, are machinery and equipment used to produce paper bags, which are generally made from white cardboard, whiteboard paper, copper board paper, kraft paper, and other raw materials, and go through multiple processes to produce different paper bags. There are more types of paper bag making machines, the common ones are single-sheet portable paper bag making machine, portable paper bag forming machine, paper yarn laminated paper bag making machine, food paper bag making machine, etc., which can be selected according to the size of the paper bag and the thickness of the paper required. Here’s a look at the uses and types of paper bag-making machines.

    The use of a paper bag making machine
    Paper bag-making machines are invented to solve the big pollution of the environment by plastic bags. Industrial machinery and equipment that can produce large quantities of environmentally friendly paper bags, in line with the requirements of green, can be designed and produced for different purposes, different bag types of paper packaging bags. The paper bag making machine generally takes white cardboard, whiteboard cardboard, copper board paper, and kraft paper as raw materials, and can produce a variety of paper bags including handbags, cement bags, laminated paper bags, four-layer paper bags, garment bags, food bags, shopping bags, gift bags, etc.

    Types of paper bag making machine
    There are many types of paper bag making machine, generally according to the size of the designed paper bag specifications and paper thickness requirements to choose the right type of paper bag making machine, commonly used grocery paper bag making machines include:
    1、Sheet type portable paper bag making machine
    To print a good 70-200q / m sheet of paper, compound paper film, or roll paper as raw materials for the automatic production of portable paper bags, with stable production, low noise, high yield, fast production speed, easy to operate, easy to control, automatic alarm and other advantages.
    2、 Portable paper bag forming machin\

    With 128-300g/m rigid paper as raw material, using hot melt glue, various OPP, varnish, matt oil, light glue, and other auxiliary materials, automatic paper feeding, gluing, gluing tube, folding organ bit production is completed, with the advantages of fast drying time, strong adhesion, no overflow glue leakage, etc\

    3、Paper yarn laminated paper bag making machin\

    It is suitable for packing cereals, dry fresh, starch, feed, building materials, chemicals, minerals, and other powder and granular materials, featuring one machine for two uses, can do both sewing bottom bags and gluing bottom bags, with a small footprint, less power consumption, fast installation, low noise, no pollution, etc\

    4、Roll type four-square bottom paper bag making machin\

    With 70-170g/㎡ of roll paper as raw material, through forming a tube, gluing, forming, creasing, gluing, and gluing. It is mainly used for the production of food bags, handbags, small food bags, vacuum bags, et

    5、 Food paper bag making mach

    The machine is also made of rolled paper as raw material and is made by folding, forming, bag cutting, gluing, bottom folding, bottom gluing, and outputting of finished bags in one process, which is ideal for producing environmental protection paper bags such as shopping bags, garment bags, leisure food bags, bread bags, vomit bags, and dried fruit ba

    6、Four-colour printing paper bag making mach

    It is mainly used for producing cement paper bags, starch paper bags, tea paper bags, chemical raw material paper bags, etc. The machine is equipped with three parts: A cylinder making machine, gluing machine, and printing machi


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