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    In the process of using a Paper Flexo Printing Machine, it is necessary to have a certain understanding of its printing characteristics. And regarding the maintenance of equipment, only regular, institutionalized, and specialized maintenance can make the machine play a greater role and create greater economic benefits. Next, let us know the relevant printing and maintenance information of Paper Flexo Printing Machines. Here are some answers.

    Printing characteristics.
    The unwinding of the Paper Flexo Printing Machine is equipped with automatic tension control, and the winding is controlled by a torque motor. In the transmission part of the Paper Flexo Printing Machine, the main motor speed is controlled by a frequency converter and is equipped with precision gears. This kind of transmission has high precision, low noise, and stable operation of the whole machine. In the ink supply system, the Paper Flexo Printing Machine adopts the most advanced pneumatic diaphragm pump inking ink tank device in China. Achieve sufficient ink absorption in the concave part of the printing plate to ensure a better image effect. In the drying system of the Paper Flexo Printing Machine, to adapt to the characteristics of paper gravure printing and the requirements of making the ink dry quickly on the paper material, the machine is equipped with a heating drying box on each printing unit. In terms of electrostatic ink absorption, the Paper Flexo Printing Machine adopts the domestic advanced electrostatic ink absorption control system device to enhance the adhesion of paper to ink and ensure uniform printing. The Paper Flexo Printing Machine is equipped with a high-precision automatic registration control device on the automatic registration system, and the whole machine is automatically registered by the computer. Not only reduces the chance of reject rate but also effectively guarantees product quality. The Paper Flexo Printing Machine is also equipped with a high-definition printing image automatic monitoring system, which can display the printing pattern on the screen in high resolution at all times for the operator to correct.

    Equipment maintenance and repair system establishment.
    Equipment maintenance is an important part of the management of Paper Flexo Printing Machines. When implementing the equipment maintenance and repair system, the following points should be emphasized. One is to formulate special work instructions for different types of machines. The second is to combine the machine maintenance work with the machine’s post responsibility system, clarify the maintenance responsibilities of the machine personnel, and make maintenance records every day. The third is to strengthen the equipment maintenance common sense and professional knowledge training of machine operators. The fourth is to strengthen the management of equipment spare parts warehouse and always have worn parts, which can not only reduce maintenance time but also improve equipment utilization. The fifth is to establish stand-alone equipment files and make detailed records after each maintenance, to find out the law of failure. The sixth is to manage the technical information of the equipment, especially the electrical cabinet, oil circuit cabinet, parts cabinet, and spare parts manual of the equipment, to facilitate the search during maintenance.

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