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    I apologize if someone has already talked about this. I found a wonderful tutorial on youtube about laser engraving black bags. I ended up tweaking some settings to work for my glowforge pro. I feel like this is a cost saving thing for someone just starting out who doesn’t want to spend more money on supplies or printing beyond just the bags.
    The ones with black handle I got at Hobby Lobby. Those have a white inside. The ones with the Kraft paper color are from Amazon. Just regular gift bags but they need to have a contrasting color on the inside to work. I used The 20lb Copy Paper setting and 1000, 13, vary power, 340. I print 2 at once. I line the bags up to the left and bottom of the crumb tray. Typically it takes 20 minutes for 2, but it depends on how detailed your artwork is. It works out great and saves time to tape the bags to your crumb tray with whatever masking tape you have lying around :rofl:. Obviously I used some green painters tape

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    That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing your experience with laser engraving black bags. It sounds like a cost-effective solution for beginners. Have a great time creating unique designs!

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    Hey there! 😄 Wow, laser printing on black paper bags sounds like quite an adventure! It’s impressive that you had hands-on experience with it in a university setting, even if it involved a few fire-stomping moments. Safety first, right? I totally understand feeling a bit nervous about doing it at home, but it’s great that you see the appeal of investing in a unit made for home use. So, here’s to enjoying the process and creating some fantastic designs on those paper grocery store bags! Have a blast!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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