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    The craft of honeycomb ceramics? Honeycomb ceramics are shaped like honeycombs. It can be composed of mullite, cordierite, aluminum titanate, silicon carbide, zirconia, activated alumina, silicon nitride and other materials. After adding activated carbon, it can improve its purification ability, and it can be decolorized and dehydrated to remove impurities in many industries.

    Honeycomb ceramics are environmentally friendly, high temperature resistant and corrosion resistant. It can filter and purify waste gas.

    The manufacturing process of Honeycomb Ceramic ceramics can be roughly divided into the following kinds: extrusion, hot die casting, grouting and injection cementing. Among them, most of the use of extrusion and hot die casting two processes.

    1, extrusion forming: extrusion forming is the plastic material extrusion forming through the mold, microwave drying and firing into porous ceramic method. The holes are of different sizes, as low as a few microns, and are connected in straight lines. The common shapes of the holes are square, triangular, and hexagonal.

    2, hot pressure casting: adding surfactants such as paraffin, oleic acid, stearic acid and beeswax to the ceramic slurry prepared, constant temperature fluidization. The slurry is then pressed into the mold with compressed air for further solidification. The temperature in the kiln is uniform during firing.

    Honeycomb ceramics as filter material has good chemical stability, acid and alkali resistance and organic solvents; Good resistance to rapid heat and cold, less toxicity, suitable for food and drug processing.

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