Meredith wechter

You should really take caution on who you let in on your financial life. When I met this ‘dream guy’, I thought my life was finally coming around. He was a Jamaican guy, 7 years younger than me. We had a whole plan laid out. Investments were our first objective. Soon, I was completely lost in him. And we started our investment journey with a shared account. Of course, I had a bigger share since I had a successful business already. All was well until I started receiving calls from my financial manager. Big amounts of money were being withdrawn and so he got concerned. Of course ‘my guy’ dismissed it saying the funds were used on new investments. $200k was the final blow. This also happened at a time when we had a rough patch in the relationship. That was the last blow I could take and so I tried contacting him. I couldn’t get to him. In two months, no words yet. I contacted the authorities but they dismissed me based on my spouse’s disagreements. I sort of help relentlessly. Until I got introduced to [email protected] by a friend. I can’t be thankful enough. Thank you for returning my money back to me. Consider giving them a trial if you are in such a mess reach out to them by email or Zangi messenger.

Email:[email protected]

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