Educational Programs

This section contains information on education and training opportunities


Inclusive Physical Literacy Webinar
Presented by: Andrea Carey (Sport for Life Society)
 This webinar introduces participants to the concept of Inclusive Physical Literacy and how it ties into the definition of Physical Literacy. It explores the facets of offering an inclusive programming, and how organizations need to intentionally plan for this to happen.  The webinar also covers how the organizational structure is key for offering a supportive and welcoming environment for persons with a disability.

OneAbility Webinar

Presented by: Andrea Carey (Sport for Life Society) and Alyssa Hindle (CanAssist)

OneAbility is a collaborative of community partners that provides leadership to enhance the adapted sport and physical activity landscape in Greater Victoria and beyond. Employing a collective impact style model, OneAbility strengthens and improves programs, builds capacity and raises awareness. With the agreement to collaborate, OneAbility mitigates competition within the region, builds on our individual and collective strengths, and pursues options that complement and extend the assets of the “whole”. OneAbility’s vision is to establish Greater Victoria as a leading vibrant Hub for adapted physical activity that optimizes full inclusion for individuals living with disabilities to engage in recreational, developmental and high performance sport. Attendees of this webinar learn how OneAbility came to be, its structure and governance, as well as how to create similar innovative hubs within other regions.

Inclusive Fitness Webinar
Presented by: Jon Ritchot (PISE)
Strategies and techniques for persons’ with a disability to engage in life long fitness.
The webinar includes information on client demographics, space considerations, person first language usage, client approach, dealing with difficult situations and direct training methods to increase both client outcomes and coach/instructor comfort. Demonstrations and opportunities to try techniques for clients with disabilities such as amputations, spinal cord injuries, neurological conditions and visual impairments will be included.

Training Workshops

The Canucks Autism Network (CAN) provides autism training and workshops throughout the year as a means to build capacity in communities across British Columbia. Through the training, CAN is able to provide community recreation staff, parents, service providers and educators with strategies for supporting children and youth with autism in community settings.


On Vancouver Island The Canucks Autism Network (CAN) provides high-quality, adapted sports, recreational and social programs for individuals and families living with autism. Programs and family events are offered year-round in Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo, and Shawnigan.  In order to access programs, families living with autism need to sign up as CAN members and submit the annual membership fee of $25/individual with autism. This fee is fully refundable through the individual’s autism funding. Click HERE to sign up now!

Camosun College

Camosun College is home to the Centre for Sport and Exercise Education (CSEE), offering several courses focusing on athletic and recreational opportunities for people across the age and disability spectrum. In the Sport and Fitness Leadership program, the SFL 330 – Adapted Sport & Fitness course teaches student’s to modify sports, games, and physical activities to make them appropriate for a person with a disability, creating a lifelong commitment to inclusion. Check out –

University of Victoria

The Univeristy of Victoria  the School of Exercise Science, Physical and Health Education views “physical activity as an agent for health, human potential and social change; leading to healthier people, communities and society.” Here, students gain knowledge they can apply in sport, recreation, health and rehabilitative settings. Courses such as EPHE 250 – Inclusion of Students with Special Needs in Physical Education and EPHE 445  – Developmental and Adaptive Physical Activity expose students to different theoretical and field experiences surrounding adaptive sports and recreation. Check out –

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