Inclusive Fitness Webinar

This webinar was delivered on June 13 2017 and includes information on client demographics, space/equipment considerations, person first language usage, client approach, dealing with difficult situations and direct training methods to increase both client outcomes and coach/instructor comfort.

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Inclusive Fitness Handbook

This OneAbility Handbook was created as a resource to support certified fitness professionals while working with clients with different disabilities and various barriers to physical activity. The disabilities profiled in this handbook (amputation, autism, cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and vision impairment) were selected to fill the gap in pre-existing resources. As such, some prevalent disabilities, including spinal cord injuries, were not included in this handbook as other valuable resources currently exist. Please refer to the Appendix of this handbook for a list of resources for working with individuals with spinal cord injuries.

Click HERE to download the OneAbility Inclusive Fitness Handbook